Classic Eyewear Styles for Men
  • Sep 7, 2017
  • by Edward
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5 Classic Eyewear Styles for Men

Unless you wear contact lenses, chances are at some point you’ve had to think about what style of glasses frames would be right for you. When it comes to glasses and sunglasses, finding a frame style that suits your aesthetic is important for your overall confidence and to ensure you’ll want to wear them. To help narrow down your selection, here are 5 classic eyewear styles for men that never go out of fashion.


Round eyeglass frames have been in style at many points throughout the past few decades. Popularized by John Lennon, round frames have that timeless, trendy look that appeals to men of all ages.
Round frames are especially great for men with square face shapes, as they can help soften the look of harsh angles and even out the appearance of the face.


Hipster eyeglasses are defined by their bold, thick frames and typically square or rectangular shape. Popular among celebrities, hipster frames have become trendy in recent years and are now pretty common to see.
Thanks to their versatile nature, hipster glasses are well-suited for any face shape. The key is to find a size that’s proportional to the size of your face so as not to drown out the rest of your features.


Aviator glasses got their name from being worn by actual aviators in the early 1900s. Today, this vintage style is making a comeback. Aviator frames are bold and are ideal for the man who likes to make a statement.
This type of frame will suit most any face shape, although they look especially flattering on wide faces. As with hipster frames, try to find a size that’s proportional to the rest of your face for the most flattering look.

Flat Top

Flat top glasses, as the name suggests, are defined by their flat, straight top line. These glasses put a modern twist on your typical rectangular frame, with the geometric shape giving a clean look to the overall style.
Flat top glasses are great for men with round or oval faces, as the sharp angles can balance out softer angles.


This style of glasses was popular in the 50s and can still be seen in classic TV shows. The timeless, classy look of the clubmaster glasses is perfect for the modern gentleman.
Clubmasters are versatile because of their metal bottom frames. For round or oval faces, opt for a more angular lens shape, while square faces should consider a more rounded bottom edge.

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