Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Right for You?
  • Sep 28, 2017
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Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Right for You?

Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Right for You?

If you’re fed up with your eyeglasses, contact lenses might be the option for you. But how do you choose which type to get? While choosing the right lenses isn’t as tough as finding eyewear or eyeglass frames to suit your face, there are still a few different types to consider: namely, daily disposable versus traditional contacts.


All contacts are disposable, but daily disposable lenses are thrown away after each use rather than on a monthly basis like more traditional contact lenses. If you’re in the market for new lenses, here are some pros and cons to consider that might help you decide between daily disposable and monthly disposable lenses.

Pros of Daily Disposable Contacts

Daily disposable contact lenses are contacts that you throw away after every use. This greatly reduces the chance of cross-contamination and also eliminates the need to clean your lenses, as you don’t need to save them at the end of the day. Daily disposable contact lenses are convenient and no-fuss, and they reduce the chances of your eyes becoming infected.

Cons of Daily Disposable Contacts

One of the cons of daily disposable contact lenses is the waste involved. Packaging for each individual disposable lens has a greater eco-footprint than reusable lenses. They are also often more expensive than traditional contacts, despite being made slightly thinner and therefore being more easy to rip or tear. In addition, daily disposable lenses are not made for every prescription. If you have a special case, you might not be able to use these lenses.

Pros of Monthly Contacts

Monthly disposable contact lenses are usually less expensive than the dailies, simply because you use less lenses. They’re also a more eco-friendly option for this reason. Monthlies come in more prescriptions than dailies, and some are even approved for you to fall asleep in. Daily contact lenses should never be left in your eyes while you sleep. Overall, monthly lenses are a tried-and-true option that have worked for many people over the years.

Cons of Monthly Contacts

Monthly contact lenses require far more maintenance than daily lenses, as they must be cleaned and stored properly. They also carry an increased risk of eye infection due to incorrect cleaning or storage. In addition, if you lose or damage your lenses, you can quickly rack up more expenses in replacement costs than you’d pay with the daily lenses.


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