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  • Aug 15, 2017
  • by Edward
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How to Clean Your Glasses

Every glasses-wearer is familiar with smudged lenses. Whether you accidentally touched the lens with a dirty finger or left them somewhere they could get dirty, part of the risk of owning glasses is that they’re exposed to many different substances through daily wear.

The best way to keep your glasses clean is to store them somewhere safe where they will not be exposed to any strange substances. Even the best-kept glasses, however, are prone to the occasional smudge. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning your glasses to keep them in top shape.

Use the Right Materials

The lenses on your eyeglasses or sunglasses can become scratched easily, even by a cloth that feels soft to the touch. If you’re on the go, a microfiber cloth is the best material to use to clean your glasses. It won’t damage your lenses and is great for wicking away oil and dirt.
The best way to clean your glasses at home, on the other hand, is to use a solution you probably already have: dish soap. All you have to do is run your glasses under warm water and rub a drop of dish soap over your dirty lenses with clean fingers, then dry them with a microfiber cloth—it won’t leave any dust or fuzz on the lenses. Make sure your soap is lotion-free to prevent any slimy residue.

Be Gentle

It’s important that you handle your glasses with care, as rough rubbing motions might cause you to snap the frame. This is especially true for designer brands—you wouldn’t want to damage an expensive pair of glasses. Hold them by the frame around the lenses, not by the arms which can easily snap or break. It’s also a good idea to clean them over a soft surface in case you drop them by accident.

What Not to Do

There are some things you should never do when cleaning your glasses. It might be tempting to just wipe the lenses off using the bottom of your shirt, but using your clothes or other unsuitable fabric to wipe the lenses can lead to scratches due to rough materials or particles caught in the fabric. Even a soft, clean fabric can leave behind fuzz or residue from whatever it’s been in contact with. Microfiber is your best bet to avoid scratching.
You should also avoid using chemicals or anything acidic, such as vinegar or lemon juice, to clean your glasses. These harsh substances can break down any special coatings that might be on your lenses and can cause more harm than good. When in doubt, stick with what you know. Dish soap is affordable and easily accessible and will get the job done.

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