top 15 irrelevant and even dangerous myths about the ‪‎eyesight‬
  • Mar 8, 2017
  • by Edward
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Top 15 irrelevant and even dangerous myths about the ‪‎eyesight‬

It is always important to separate actual facts from the massive of irrelevant assumptions. In the case of the sight, false information, misbeliefs or inaccurate data can even hurt.

The first step in saving your sight during the lifetime is to be acknowledgeable. Here we chose for you 15 of the most popular misbelieve:

Myth #1.If you sit close to the TV screen, you might hurt your sight

There is no data that can prove it. Actually, you should choose the distance that you feel comfortable at.
Usually, eyes get tired when there is no appropriate illumination in the room where you watch a TV program.

Myth #2. Reading in the dark can hurt your sight

That is true that your eyes can get tired during such activity. There are no scientific facts that can prove your sight can be damaged. Not at all.

Myth #3. Some exercises can help you to sharpen your sight

Lots of not quite honest people made a buck by popularizing such techniques. Yes, exercises can help
you reduce the fatigue, but no significant improvement can be made. Stop rolling your eyes back and forward and go to the doctor.

Myth #4. If you use your eyes a lot, you will harm your sight

Your eyes are not lightbulbs. Use them as much as you want. And even if you will read a lot – be calm – nothing is going to happen. But in any situation try to stick to the “golden mean” and don’t push yourself too hard, get a rest.

Myth #5. Sometimes elders start to see better at close distances because of the presbyopia symptoms reduction

A decrease of presbyopia level is an aging body change, which can allow a person to see better at the close distances. However, this “improvement” is actually the first sign of cataract, as it informs about crystalline lens internal changes. Better go to the doctor asap.

Myth #6. Too much sex, especially masturbation, can lead to the blindness

Hilarious. This old myth is rooted in the fear of syphilis and bad education of common folk in previous centuries (syphilis, which is sexually transmitted, leads to the blindness and cognitive disabilities).

Myth #7. ‎Eyeglasses‬ that do not match perfectly your eyesight can damage it

Your eyes probably will get tired, vision may become foggy. Not more than that.
Again, the answer is the doctor visit. A fine specialist will help you to get an accurate prescription.

Myth #8. Blind people have some special extrasensory abilities

The majority of people with the normal eyesight does not pay attention how their other sensory systems
work. Meanwhile, blind have to develop them, in order to compensate their blindness. It is not a “6th sense”. It is a daily work and practice.

Myth #9. You do not need to check your eyesight before you become

It is obvious that you have to pay attention to your health. But above all, remember – glaucoma can develop even when you are young. And it is very serious.
To prevent dramatic consequences, just do the regular checking (once a year would be fine).

Myth #10. Surgeons nowadays somehow learned how to transplant the eye

Another pseudo-scientific story that came up from the depths of the internet. The truth is that an eye is connected to the brain with the very tiny nerves, so it is not possible to transplant an eye without cutting it. And as you know, nerves are not treads and surgeons cannot just tie them back.

Myth #11. Scientists have developed a bionic eye

Scientists are currently working on the special microchip that may be integrated into the retina in order to improve the eyesight. Also, scientists are trying to link the brain with the external camera. But, our
brain does not work like camera and computer, for example. Even if some genius will invent a bionic eye, we still will not able to connect it to the brain with the nerve

Myth #12. You can look at the bright light if you wear a pair of nice ‪‎sunglasses‬

This will not end well. Do not even try. Especially, you better do not show any attempts to look on solar eclipse through your sunglasses.
If you have to look at some bright objects, uses the special equipment designed to significantly reduce the level of UF.

Myth #13. Your eyesight will get worse over time and there is nothing you can do with it

Actually, you can. The most important step – do your regular check-ups to prevent chronic diseases (the main cause of sight loss in seniors) and wear sunglasses. Overall, keep being healthy.

Myth #14. Eyeglasses sharpen your eyesight, but wearing them will make your eye muscles “lazy” overtime

Wearing eyeglasses does not affect your eyesight over time. As it was said before, chronic diseases do.
For example, eye blood pressure.
Some people complain about their eyeglasses, but meanwhile, do nothing to treat their eye blood pressure illness.
As it often happens, one likes to blame the internal factors.

Myth #15. Carrot helps improve eyesight a lot

The A vitamin helps your eyesight. But guess how much of carrot you have to eat to fulfill the demand?
Just keep the healthy diet, and use our recommendations above.
You think you know better? Just remember, nobody wants to be a fool. Especially, when speaking about one’s health

“Your eyes are not responsible for what your mind sees” – Publilius Syrus