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  • Sep 14, 2017
  • by Edward
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Top 5 Eyewear Trends for Fall

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and as the weather changes, so do the fashion trends. If you wear glasses rather than contact lenses, now is a great time to consider your eyewear choices and update your glasses for autumn.
Here are five eyeglasses trends that will be popular this fall, as well as how you can incorporate these styles into your own optical wardrobe.

Cat-Eye Frames

The cat-eye style has been popular for decades, and for good reason. Whether you opt for cat-eye eyeglasses or sunglasses, this retro look makes a surefire statement.
If you’re not confident in your ability to rock this more unusual shape, try on eyeglass frames that have the cat-eye shape in a subdued neutral tone such as black or dark brown to ease your way into the change.


Melt into the gorgeous colors of fall with tortoiseshell-patterned eyeglass frames. The bronzy, dappled pattern is the perfect way to take your eyewear from summer into the cooler weather of autumn.
Tortoiseshell coloring is available in a wide variety of frame styles, which means you can go for an entirely different look or stick with your tried-and-true shape with this slightly different color scheme.

Hipster Glasses

The oversized frames that have become synonymous with the hipster look are becoming more and more popular in the fashion world, and this fall is no exception. This style usually comprises of large, square frames with thick plastic rims.
If you already wear hipster-style glasses, try changing up the color—geometric styles look great in bright shades like red or hot pink. A neutral like black or grey is also a great option, as they’ll match a variety of outfits.

Metal Frames

The thin metal frames synonymous with the 80s are coming back in style! Metal frames are sturdier than plastic, so this isn’t just an aesthetic choice—having some metal-rimmed glasses on hand is a great plan in case your plastic pair breaks.
Large, rounded frames are great if you’re after that vintage look, but smaller frames also suit a variety of face shapes and give an intellectual appearance.


You might have heard about the athleisure trend taking over the fashion world—suddenly “gym chic” is everywhere, and comfy, stylish workout clothes are in. This trend applies to eyeglasses, as well! Bold, sporty styles in bright colors are taking over the eyewear world.

If you’re worried about making these statement styles work for everyday wear, try to just incorporate a few elements into your eyeglass frames. Opting for a standard style in a bright color can be a great first step towards a bolder look.